Walking the streets at night

I love walking at night in urban environments. The streets are completely different when the light fades and the darkness lays a blanket over the area.

Urban - Road and Shops at Night

With the models of street lights now in use in the area, we no longer have the saturated yellow light of the old sodium lamps. They made the streets look like you were seeing everything through amber tinted glasses. These days, with the newer style LED based lights, the coverage is not so good. That is bad for public safety, but great for atmosphere.

Urban - Road and Car Park At Night

Even the most welcoming streets during the day can be transformed into a spooky, threatening scenes. Add a little mist of fog into the equation and you end up in a scene that could be right out of a Victorian era horror film. You couldĀ  be forgiven for thinking that your normal urban environment has been transported in time.

Add to that the rain was pattering down throughout the walk, it gave a reassuring soundtrack to the walk.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only poorly selected clothing.

So as I walked, I could hear only the sound of the rain and occasional animal noises around. I briefly saw a fox run across the street but there are so many places for foxes to hide and scavenge in an urban environment, staying up with him was impossible. The ducks and swans I normally see floating gracefully on the lakes were all roosting on the surrounding grassland under the trees. I managed to walk quietly past them. Did they notice I was there? Probably, but I did not make enough noise for them to feel threatened and panic.

After walking for around 45 minutes I finally returned home. Time to dry off and reflect on what I had seen and heard whilst out.