The storm is coming – tornado, twister and rain

This weekend we’re expecting to be hit by Storm Freya in the United Kingdom. The Met Office (UK weather service) has issued warnings for high winds across much of the country. The most extreme gust speeds are estimated to be around 80mph, thankfully not exhibiting the same force as a tornado.

The media coverage relating to Storm Freya reminded me how much I would like to go tornado hunting in the USA.

I’ve been looking at going on an organised trip for the last three years or so, but somehow the timing has never been right. Life always conspired to get in the way somehow.

So when I found the Tornado Hunters series I was instantly hooked.

From what I can gather there is a couple of series of this show and as is typical with this type of show, I’m guessing they are edited for entertainments purposes and really only include the highlights. After all, watching people sitting in a car when nothing is happening outside doesn’t make for good TV.

The thrill of the chase in this show is only out-matched by the amount of technology used to capture the footage and imagery. Yet, the show, as brash and bold as it is, remains entertaining. Give the video below a look if you are remotely interested in storm chasing.

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