The soul of Paris burns

Like many people I was surprised when the news came in from Paris about the fire at Notre-Dame. Though I’d never visited the cathedral, I had passed it whilst in the city and had taken for granted that it would always just be there.

Paris Skyline

Events of the last 18 hours or so have proved otherwise.

Now extensively damaged by fire, this globally recognisable building is a shadow of its former self. A scar on the city of Paris.

During the fire, word came out that the building itself could not be saved, however thankfully this proved to be wrong. Despite the collapse of the spire, extensively covered in the media, relics and treasures were recovered by firefighters and eventually the fire was brought under control.

So what lies ahead for the building? Surely it will be rebuilt, but by whom and at what cost?

I’m sure the details will come out in the next few days.

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