The Ruwa incident of 1994

In September 1994, Friday the 16th started off like any other day for the students of Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

By the end of the day, their lives would be changed forever.

For those who have seen something in the sky that they cannot explain, a number of thoughts will go through their mind. Confusion, fear, terror, contention. Many will have not been able to get any proof whatsoever of what they have witnessed. Some will try and grab a photograph if they have the presence of mind. Most will not tell another soul for fear of being ridiculed as being ‘a nutter’, ‘a fantasist’ or worse. It is the easy way out for those who were not there to write off the incident. However, how do you write off an incident where there are simply dozens of witnesses, all reporting seeing the same thing?

On the 16th September 1994, 62 children at the Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, saw some sort of craft land near where they were playing. From that craft, some figures emerged that did not look human. Whilst none of the children were physically harmed, the head teacher at the school asked the children to describe what they had seen and draw some pictures. The children all came up with remarkably similar results despite being questioned separately.

This is probably one of the most famous mass sightings on the continent of Africa.

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