Social Media – I’m out

Social Media on phone and tiles

I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again. Today I walked away from social media. It no longer feels like a discussion down the pub or sharing big ideas.

It has, quite simply been overtaken by algorithms and big marketeers trying to manipulate public opinion. I think instinctively I have always known that it predicated on the ‘fear of missing out’ principle. People have taken it up because they felt they had to in order to keep in touch with friends and family.

If your interests are outside the mainstream, I don’t think the major platforms serve you well anyway. I say this because social media amplifies voices and opinions, but only those whose opinions are ‘approved’. Unlike the early days of social networking (note the difference) there no longer feels like there is any room for discussing opinions and people (including myself) seem as though they have become entrenched in their views.

Could this be a divide and conquer process?

So I am going back to my books and spending my spare time reading.

I’m sure if anything important happens in the world, someone will let me know without me having a presence on every social media platform.

As always, people can contact me here or, even speak to me on the phone or face to face.

In the meantime, if I’ve not got my head in a book, you’ll probably find me in the forest.

And yes I know, the irony of having a number of social media icons below this post is not lost on me. 🙂

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