Shedding some light on the subject

Bempton light  - View to the North

It is a very for situations to occur that cannot be explained in some way. As a UFO researcher I take a very skeptical view of matters and try my best to apply rational logic and knowledge to examine testimonies and exhibits such as photographs or videos. Sometimes however, no matter how much effort you put in, it is impossible to shed some light on a subject to explain what was seen or happened.

I have spent countless hours trawling through online content. Most of it was rubbish. Blurred pictures, shaky videos, long rambling blog posts that ended up revealing nothing. Yet I continue to spend time in both the offline and online worlds reading and researching this subject.

So you are probably wondering why?

In my younger days I saw something in the sky. Something I didn’t tell anyone about. Something that confused my rational, scientific mind and I was unable to explain. In short I couldn’t shed any light on what I saw, I just knew I had seen something.

It was a red light. A deep red, almost maroon colour. It was before the internet age, so I went to the library the next day after school and started going through all the books (which was not a huge amount) on astronomy. I rationalised what I had seen was the planet Mars. It was similar in colour to that shown in the books, yet there was a problem. The light I saw was moving. It wasn’t flashing, so it was not a light on an aircraft. After watching this light for around fifteen seconds or so, it dipped down vertically. Then as quick as a flash, it went up vertically and disappeared. I cannot come up with anything to explain that.

The second time in my life I failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion was much more recent, February 2018. I had travelled to Bempton, East Yorkshire to meet the author Paul Sinclair. We were to meet at Bempton cliffs which stand around 240 feet above the sea level as he had identified this as being an area of high strangeness in his book. I was skeptical, so decided to head there and see the area for myself. Day was turning to dusk and I was looking out to sea from the area known as ‘Big Railings’. I was staggered to spot a white, incandescent light descending towards the surface of the water. I was so surprised, I failed to reach for my camera and simply watched what appeared to be a football sized, white, glowing object. I waited for the splash as it hit the surface of the water, but this never came. The object disappeared before hitting the water. It was as though someone had simply hit the ‘fade out’ button. Visibility was good at that point, despite it coming in very misty later in the night. I am certain it wasn’t a seagull diving to catch a fish, but for the life of me I can’t tell you what it was.

I returned to my car and made some notes about what I had seen as I didn’t want to lose the details with the passage of time.

I was still a little shocked when Paul arrived and when I told him what I had seen, and he reassured me that others (including himself) had seen similar lights, albeit in different colours.

So I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of a third book in the Truth Proof series as well as a documentary film that gets a mention in the video below.

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