Snow covered hills

Knowing when to turn back

We have had a little snow today here in the UK and as usual, the media have gone into a ...
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Risk Matrix Zoned

What are you preparing for?

Your environment What do you know about the space around you? It seems like a fairly obvious question to ask ...
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Fresh Food

Food – spreading the risk

The Nation's Food Supply unsplash-logonrd Food. It is something we deal with every day of our lives, but many of ...
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Supermarket Aisle

Preparedness – An introduction

The Stereotypes Whenever you start talking about preparedness or self-reliance, it's not long before someone uses the word 'prepper' and ...
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When the chips are down - Need Cash Sign

When the chips are down

For many people this entry will come too late. They have already fallen victim to an outage relating to bank ...
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Kevin and Emelie

Tinder from Pencil Sharpened Wood

Don't worry, I am not about to suggest you burn all your pencils. I came across this nice little life ...
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