Night drive in the forest

I get an overwhelming sense of well-being whenever I spend time in the forest. I’m not sure if it is the aroma of the trees, the peace and quiet, or the trickling of the streams that run through it. Plus there’s always a chance if you stay still for long enough near a trail, you may see some wildlife that most people pass by unaware. That’s during the day time. The forest takes on a very different feel at night.

A drive through the forest at night

What had been a very welcoming place during the day, becomes quite a sinister environment. Shadows in the treeline make you look twice, just to make sure. As your sight is diminished your other senses start to compensate. Standing still your ears start to pick up the slightest of sound, a mouse digging through pine needles or a vole entering a stream both sound a lot bigger than they are.

Plus there is always the chance that you will bump into something that would never make an appearance during the day.

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