High on a mountain

Losing all the highs and lows?

The title reflects a line from The Eagles song, Desperado. "You're losing all the highs and lows, ain't it funny ...
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Union Flag

Collusion, corruption or just incompetence?

As I start to write this post, the United Kingdom should have left the evil that is the European Union ...
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Blake’s 7 – An oldy but a goody

There were many TV shows I liked during my formative years. Dr Who was probably my favourite. I was so ...
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Social Media on phone and tiles

Social Media – I’m out

I've done it before and I'm doing it again. Today I walked away from social media. It no longer feels ...
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Legends and Superstitions of the County of Durham cover

Legends and Superstitions of the County of Durham

County Durham is an ancient place with a deep and rich history. So it is really not too surprising to ...
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Stan & Ollie | Official US Trailer HD (2018)

Stan and Ollie – The film

When I first heard about the film Stan and Ollie, I cringed. There some classic things that simply do not ...
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