Into the Unknown

Unknown - Sun through clouds
Into the Unknown

Next month I will be taking a short trip. I’ll be away from base for only a matter of days, but in a very different sense, it is a journey into the unknown for me. 

I am returning to a part of East Yorkshire that has become renound as an area of ‘high strangeness’ and general weird goings-on. Events in the area are well documented by the books or Paul Sinclair, Truth Proof and the follow-up Truth Proof 2. Both titles are great reads and are to be highly recommended. 

For my visit, I am basing myself near Bempton. That is home to the RSPB nature reserve, the old RAF Bempton base (now derelict) and the spectacular Bempton Cliffs. There are great views over the North Sea and sea anglers often take advantage of the fishing to be had. 

Other places I hope to visit that were mentioned in the books include; Staxton Wold, Danes Dykes and possibly Flixton, so it looks as though it is going to be a busy few days.

I plan on documenting the trip and I’m taking along my trusty SLR camera and also my video camera. My mobile phone camera will act as a backup, but I’m never quite happy with the quality of the pictures from that, particularly in low light. So hopefully, if I get really lucky, I will manage to get some good pictures and decent video footage. I am also looking into buying a trail camera to see if I can get some ‘unattended’ pictures, but that will really depend on the money.

In the meantime, before I set off, I need to continue reading up about the local area and that is something that you could perhaps help me with. I am particularly interested in an historical folk tales related to the area. I think going back in history, often helps us understand the unknown. It gives us a way to track back how the stories change and morph over time. So if you know of any books or websites that cover this type of thing relating to East Yorkshire, please use the contact page to let me know. Many thanks.

Bempton - View to the North

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