If you want something doing

If you want something doing, do it yourself. That’s how the old phrase goes and it seems to be the case online these days. Recently I fell foul of the online censors on a well known social media platform.

I had just sent three messages expressing my opinion on an issue of the day.

It wasn’t an opinion that complied with the left wing approach of silicon valley and I suspect that is what resulted in me being picked up by the censors. I did try to send some further messages and deliberately avoided the keywords I think may have brought the censor’s wrath down upon me and they seemed to get through.

Initially I was dis-chuffed to say the least. Then once my initial reaction subsided, I realised it was no big loss.

All my friends, my real friends, know how to get in touch with me. They have my mobile number and know that texting is the way to get an immediate response from me. They also have my email address for messages that don’t require an immediate response. (I never was someone who had thousands of ‘friends’, ‘followers’, or ‘contacts’ of people I’d never met or who had no impact in my life. Everyone on my list was known to me in the real world and had opinions I valued, whether they agreed with me or challenged my point of view.

So I’m hoping those people will join me here, where I am free to express my thoughts and opinions and people are also free to disagree with me.

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