I can’t explain it. Can you?

Every so often in life, you experience something that you simply can’t explain. No matter how much you try to rationalise things, use scientific principles, there is no explanation. In the early part of 2018 I had one of those experiences.

Bright White Orb off Bempton with arrow showing orb
A Photoshop reconstruction of what I saw

Let me make it very clear. The photograph above is a PHOTOSHOP representation of what I actually saw from the clifftops of East Yorkshire.

It was 10th February 2018, around 5:30pm. I had been meaning to visit the cliffs at Bempton for some time since reading a book by Paul Sinclair, Truth Proof. I had got there late in the afternoon. I had planned to visit much earlier in the day but I was delayed with car trouble and had to wait for my recovery operator to turn out.

I parked at the RSPB reserve car park and grabbing my camera from the boot of the car, I headed out to the cliffs. The cliffs themselves provide an environment for a vast array of seabirds and attract both bird spotters and sea anglers alike.

Today, there were very few people around. Being early February, the weather was cold, so the casual daytrippers and walkers were clearly finding somewhere else to be.

Bempton Cliffs
Bempton Cliffs

I took a walk through the reserve and to an area known as Big Railings. It provides a great view of the cliffs and also a fantastic view out to sea.

Now from Truth Proof, I knew this place had a certain reputation. Odd looking lights out to sea. Rumours of satanic practices at the old disused RAF base that looked ominous at the top of a hill. I had come down to declare it all bunkum. I was convinced there were perfectly rational explanations for the reported events and wanted to see the place for myself to get the lie-of-the-land clear in my mind. After all, there had to be a rational explanation, hadn’t there?

The old disused RAF Base
The old RAF base on the hill

I did a circuit of the reserve to get a look from a number of different angles and then set out along the cliff-top footpath.

I headed south along the cliffs for a little while. I can’t explain why I picked that direction, I just did. The sea was to my left and the wind coming into the coastline was icy cold when it picked up, but for the most part wasn’t too bad as I had a wooly hat on.

After walking south for five minutes or so, I decided to return to the car to get my gloves. My fingers were starting to get that feeling of being cold to the bone. I had driven for two hours to get here, so I wanted to spend as much time on the cliffs as I could to make the journey worthwhile.

Bempton Cliffs Looking south
To the south

Having retrieved my gloves from the car, I went back to the cliffs and specifically an area I believe is referred to as ‘big railings’. I’m sure to the casual observer I must have looked a little strange. All wrapped up against the cold, yet just standing there, camera at the ready, looking out to sea.

I had only been there for a few minutes when I saw a white luminescent sphere above the sea, but not as high as the cliff-tops. It was a few hundred yards out and I estimated it to be around twice the size of a football in diameter.

Now this didn’t fit with what I had previously read about. Those lights had been orange / yellow in colour and further out to sea, or further inland.

I was intrigued by what I saw. Not frightened or excited. Just curious.

The white sphere was moving down towards the sea and I anticipated the splash that would occur as it hit the water. Except, that didn’t happen. No sooner had I seen the white sphere, it simply disappeared before reaching the water’s surface. It was like someone was making a video and had set that object to fade out. By then, it was too late to even think about reaching for my camera.

Now, it is a well-worn phrase in this type of circumstance. “I know what I saw.” Or at least, I know what my eyes told my brain they saw. I can’t explain it. In fact, I’m confused by it. I can’t even prove what I saw with video footage. I was on my own so can’t produce other witnesses who saw the same thing.

Needless to say, I’m no longer the sceptic I used to be but there are so many questions I have yet to find answers to.

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