Human Harvesting

Every now and then you come across some online content that really challenges your thinking about life. The video below is one such example.

A Warning

Before you go dashing off to press the play button the video, be warned. It is quite graphic in certain places, so if you are under 18, or are of a sensitive disposition or easily upset, do not view the video. 

Human Mutilation

If you have more than a passing interest in UFOs, alien craft etc. it is not long before you will encounter the concept of animal mutilations. Most cases reported appear to originate in the USA, but not all by any means. Many cases I have read about involve livestock on farms or ranches; cattle and sheep. However, if the content of the video below is true, this horrific practice appears to have also included humans within the UK. 

The video talks at some length about a former member of a secret NATO organisation, Group 5-8. It would appear this unit was largely staffed by USA personnel, but also with a significant number of UK personnel. Where incidents occurred in the UK, a team of UK personnel would be dispatched to the area to find the exact location and keep members of the public well away. They would remain in place until a retrieval team arrived to scoop up all the evidence. The video mentions at least two people being found mutilated at an isolated spot in Wales.

Remember, the video is quite graphic in places, so once again, please do NOT click on play if you are under 18, or are easily upset, or are of a sensitive disposition.

Richard Hall of provides an update to his 2014 work.

So what do you make of it? Do you think there is any truth in it? Could the government being conspiring with others to keep information about human mutilation from the public? It is all very disturbing.

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