Getting back to the forest

Can you feel it? Can you sense the better weather coming? It is normally at this time of year that I start hankering to get back into the forest. There’s nothing better for relaxing than getting out amongst the trees and immersing yourself in nature.

Where I live I have to travel for around 30 minutes to visit a ‘proper’ forest. There are numerous small woodlands nearer to where I live, but I don’t get the same benefit from visiting them. Being able to visit the forest during the week, when other people are normally working, allows me to have the forest virtually to myself. Well, me and the animals anyway.

Yet, there is no better way that I have found to forget about the grind of daily life, slow the pace down and really absorb the environment. Just quietly sitting and listening to the sounds of the forest around you can be fascinating.

By visiting during the week, I can also walk the trails without have to be knocked down by a mountain biker speeding over the crest of a hill.

So now the weather is starting to change, my thoughts are turning to the adventures that can be had this year.

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