East Yorkshire strangeness at the coast

Back in January I visited a place called Bempton in East Yorkshire. It is a small coastal village and for tourists, it is probably best known for the RSPB Centre there at the cliff tops, or for the sea anglers that can often be see casting their lines into the sea below.

East Yorkshire - Bempton video screengrab

However, for those with different interest, Bempton is also known as being part of the East Yorkshire Triangle. (It’s a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, but with less sunshine and better tea 🙂 ) Often referred to as an area of high strangeness, mysterious lights have been seen over and under the sea. Strange creatures have roamed the fields nearby and the old disused RAF station there has been linked to Satanic practices. In short, this little part of East Yorkshire has more than its share of strange tales. 

The leading researcher for the area is Paul Sinclair, author of the Truth Proof series of books. The video above, by Chris Turner features Paul’s work in the area and makes for fascinating viewing. 

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