Collusion, corruption or just incompetence?

As I start to write this post, the United Kingdom should have left the evil that is the European Union half an hour ago. It didn’t.

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The United Kingdom was scheduled to leave the European Union at 11pm today. Yet, due to the interference of Parliament and the incompetence of Government, we remain subject to the rules of this unelected and unaccountable organisation.

The 17 Million people disenfranchised

17 Million people voted to leave the EU. We didn’t voted for a deal. We didn’t vote to be half in, half out. We voted to leave.

The country entered into a referendum with the ‘Remain’ side confident they would win, hands down. They didn’t. Instead the people saw an opportunity to take control of the country’s future and strike out in a brave new relationship with the rest of the world. In short, we wanted our sovereignty back.

“No taxation without representation” was a rallying cry that saw the forces of the UK thrashed by the USA in their war of independence.

If you leave any organisation their rules no longer apply unless you want to trade with that organisation, in which case you come up with a contract with terms and conditions.

It seems in our war of independence from the EU, there is a fifth column firmly ensconced within the Palace of Westminster.

A call to action

MPs used to claim this country was a system of representative democracy. Yet, MPs have refused to represent the democratically expressed will of their constituents and put anything ahead of that in order to remain within the EU.

This must not be allowed to stand. All LAWFUL means must be used to restore democracy and if that includes MPs being prosecuted, sued or put through the courts, so be it. So why not pop into your local Police station tomorrow and start mentioning the phrase “Misconduct in Public Office“?

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