Moon shot

Earlier this evening I was outside and noticed for the first time in what seemed like ages, there was very little cloud cover and the moon was shining brightly. So I decided to break out the camera and take the opportunity to capture a few pictures. I have to admit, I didn’t really know what […]

Keeping the Irish sky safe?

It seems that a few airline pilots have caused a bit of a flap over the weekend. Multiple flights dealing with Shannon Air Traffic Control in the west of Ireland had asked about traffic in their area. That in itself is not an unusual event, however these pilots were reporting seeing some lights in the […]

USOs – What are they?

You will have heard of UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects. But have you heard of USOs? Unidentified Submersible Objects? UFOs under the seas or oceans if you like. It would appear that USOs are to be observed all over the world despite those who would wish to cover things up. When I first saw this video […]

Why didn’t we go back to the moon?

I found this video on YouTube and it is absolutely fascinating. For some time I have wondered why NASA never went back to the moon, instead preferring to send out unmanned probes into deep space. Growing up in the era of Space 1999, the prospect of a permanent base on the moon made good sense […]