Blake’s 7 – An oldy but a goody

There were many TV shows I liked during my formative years. Dr Who was probably my favourite. I was so scared of the Cybermen and Daleks. Especially when episodes of the show back then featured these creatures on the streets of Earth instead of far away planets. Survivors (the original series) openend with a scary global pandemic as a result of a dropped test-tube in a laboratory. However, up there with the best in Science Fiction was a motley band of peopole, led by a guy called Blake known as Blake’s 7.

It follows the adventures of a small band of renegades fighting the oppressive Terran Federation led by Roj Blake.

Their space ship was called the Liberator and it had a talking computer, Zen. There was also a mobile little brother of Zen called Orac.

Of all the shows of that era, I think Blake’s 7 was the one that was instrumental in feeding my interest in computers and computing.

So when I found a few episodes of the show on YouTube, I sat down and spent some time reliving the adventures of the crew of the Liberator. Blake and his friends brought back many happy memories despite its now dated looking special effects. However, sparking an interest that led to a long and profitable career ensured that the show retains a special place in my memory.

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