Bigfoot – real or fake?

In this modern digital world, photographs and videos are very cheap to make compared with years ago. Whilst this opens up film-making to the many, it also means that faking pictures and films is now easier than ever before. So when it comes to subjects like Bigfoot, we have to view everything we see online with a healthy amount of scepticism.

Bigfoot analysis by Bigfoot Tony.

Making things out of patterns

Our brains are naturally programmed to try and make sense of what we see around us. This means the patterns of light received by our eyes and get sent to our brains get put through a matching process that attempts to reconcile the signals with known objects. When we attempt to assign a known object that is not actually present, to a pattern we encounter something known as “pareidolia”.

Isolating objects within patterns

When our eyes are presented with complex patterns like a picture of woodlands there are many things that can appear to be objects they are not.

Take any complex picture and stare at it for long enough and you will end up identifying things that are not actually there. Faces, eyes, heads etc. can all appear, if, you look long enough.

Bigfoot videos

When it comes to Bigfoot / Sasquatch videos, we need to analyse them more than most. This is because they usually feature woodland scenes with complex backgrounds and tend not to be of high quality. Blurry ‘Blobsquatch’ images can be mistaken for other things, so when Bigfoot Tony analyses pictures and videos it makes for compelling viewing.

Forest Picture
Hide in Forest
The Moon

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