Bigfoot – It’s all about the video quality

Even if you only have a passing interest in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie or whatever a large bipedal cryptid is called in your part of the world, it isn’t long before you’ll be shown what is colloquially known as a ‘Blobsquatch’. You know what I’m talking about, pictures or video footage that is so blurred or distorted by excessive digital zoom that all you can really make out is a black splodge.

When looking for illusive creatures, gathering evidence is key and, when it comes to evidence, quality is so important. That is why I like this video so much. Shot in 4k video, we get a very clear view of some structures that, in my opinion, do not appear to be the result of natural processes such as dead trees falling in high winds.

The video was made by the Colorado Bigfoot YouTube channel and whilst it does not show a clear picture of a Bigfoot creature, it does shows the type of structures that are seen across the world, and all in glorious 4k. 

Another thing I like about the video is the creator doesn’t make any wild claims. He simply captures the footage and comments on what he, and you can see. This is a more level-headed approach to documenting the Bigfoot phenomena when compared to many other YouTube channels who will post low grade video, zooming in on certain areas of the frame before suggesting what various patterns are supposedly showing. 

So for the reasons above, this channel gets me to click on the subscribe button. There production value, the analysis in the commentary and the quality of the structures shown, all indicate that this area is worthy of further investigation, so after posting this, I’ll be having a look at the other videos from this producer.