Back to the Scribbling

I have been going through a bit of a dry spell, but today inspiration finally returned and I’m back scribbling again.

I never really believed in writer’s block until I experienced it myself. Day after day, real life would gobble up my time and when I eventually did get a minute to sit down and write, the words simply evaded me. Rather than force them to come, I gave up, walked away and did something else as I am not on a deadline. I procrastinated. I doodled. I found a thousand and one different excuses not to sit down at the keyboard and start tapping away. I would do almost anything to avoid even thinking about writing.

I’d go for a walk. Do the shopping. Put a load of clothes into the washing machine. Clean the car.

So how did I get scribbling again?

Quite simply, I read. I picked up books related to the subject I wanted to write about and devoured them.

Then, in a complete change of tack, I went low tech. Rather than sit down at a keyboard and stare at a white, glowing, screen, I picked up a fountain pen. Grabbed an A4 notepad. Then set about laying down some ink on the sheet of paper.

It wasn’t an easy ride. Much of what I wrote was simply struck through and ignored. However, the different approach, writing using a proper pen, and more importantly in different locations, seemed to break through the wall of writer’s block.

So I suppose the advice I would like to pass on to other aspiring authors is simple. Don’t give up. Change things. Change your approach, you location or the tools you use.

You can get through writer’s block. It may just be the passage of time. It may just be taking a different approach. However, it does not have to be the debilitating experience some would lead you to believe it is.

Get scribbling again!

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