Back to Bempton

Along Bempton cliffs to the south

I recently went back to Bempton in East Yorkshire. I hadn’t been there since February 2018 so I felt my return was long overdue.

Most people head there for the RSPB nature reserve at the cliffs which stand an impressive 240 feet above sea level.

My visit was a little bit different. I was interested in the birds nesting on high up on the cliffs.

Old RAF Bempton Base on the hill
The site of the old RAF Bempton base.

The reason I was there was a direct result of the Truth Proof books, written by Paul Sinclair, which document events of high strangeness throughout the East Yorkshire area.

In February 2018 I saw something out to sea that I could not explain and it seems along this stretch of coastline, that is not too unusual.

The Truth Proof books explore strange phenomena further inland. The accounts of these strange happenings around the area make for a fascinating read.

You can get a copy of the books by clicking on their image below. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the East Yorkshire area, give Bempton a visit. And if you really fancy a scare, try visiting their at night.

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