About Me

It’s a big world, but they tell us it is getting smaller.

As we can now communicate across the globe in a matter of seconds, we turn our attention skyward, to the moon and stars beyond.

With that comes questions. Questions about how to get there, what to expect on arrival and whether we could set up bases or colonise places beyond our planet.

I am based in the North East of England and have listed my interests below.

My Interests

Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs) have been a long time interest of mine. I have seen two things which I can’t explain in my lifetime which I will share more about later.


Can you really be sure that we have discovered all the species on this planet? For those who live in towns and cities, it may be hard to imagine the vast wilderness that still exists in certain parts of the world.

When you also consider the areas of the oceans that remain unexplored, the area where unknown species could lurk expands dramatically.

Also the similarity of creatures from the historical record across the globe add to the possibility that creatures denied by the mainstream may exist.

Self Reliance & The Outdoors

I consider it important to be robust in times of crisis and as a result, I have an interest in Self Reliance. This came from my interest in the outdoors and exploring, much of which I do solo. Watching entertainment shows on TV about this subject is no substitute for getting outside and actually practicing skills, whether that is hiking, camping, bushcraft or other skills.

Crime Fiction

I enjoy both writing and reading crime fiction. Whether it be by Arthur Conan-Doyle, Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin or others. There’s nothing like a good mystery and I tend to read & write more during the long evenings of winter months.

Historic True Crime

My primary era of interest is the late Victorian / early Edwardian period of England’s history.