A writer’s struggle

Today has been a struggle. I tried to sit down to continue writing my second novel and got absolutely nowhere. The words are simply not coming. I have the overall broad concepts well established and I know the characters and where I want the plot to take them. Yet, getting them through that journey, in a compelling and believable way is evading me.

I am now sitting staring at the screen wondering if I have that second book within me. Am I simply a one book writer?

The more I ponder this, the harder it is to get writing again. The struggle seems to be a downward spiral of self-doubt.

I have decided to simply walk away from writing for the day. If I try and force myself to write, it will read as though it is very contrived. I am going to do some reading, a little thinking and perhaps watch a little TV and generally distract myself with other activities to see if the inspiration will strike once more tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

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