A trip out spotting

Sunset and Trees

I have been out and about this evening in the car. I wanted to find new places where I can park up and do some UFO spotting, or Sky-watching if you prefer.

Unusually for me, I managed to find a few roads I had not driven before in the County which was nice. Some were so overgrown with trees that the flow of traffic along the route had carved out a natural green archway through the tree cover. Whilst that did provide a lovely forest-like tunnel to drive through, it was not much good for parking up and peering up at the sky.

It took me a little while to spot somewhere suitable for spotting, and I hate it when other people do this, but I’m not going to reveal the location just yet. Perhaps if I manage to get some half decent photographs I’ll let on where it is.

I have received another couple of suggestions of places worth checking out, but tonight’s prevailing weather conditions were not conducive to sky-watching.

Impossible for Spotting - Flat grey light and misty sky

The sky had a misty haze to it which resulted in a flat grey type sky so it became apparently there was little point in hanging around for long.

I should be able to see for miles down the dale in this photograph, but as you can see, even the nearest set of hill were shrouded by mist. On a clear night, this location will be great with long range clear views in each direction. So whilst this evening was a bit of a bust, I did log a couple of locations that will be worth coming back to another time when the sky is clear.

That is the nature of UFO spotting. Not every night will provide a picture or encounter. In fact, it is very much akin to fly fishing. You are not going to get something on your hook every time you cast your line. I suppose that is whey UFO Spotters and Anglers just keep going back.