Union Flag

Collusion, corruption or just incompetence?

As I start to write this post, the United Kingdom should have left the evil that is the European Union…


Blake’s 7 – An oldy but a goody

There were many TV shows I liked during my formative years. Dr Who was probably my favourite. I was so…

Along Bempton cliffs to the south

Back to Bempton

I recently went back to Bempton in East Yorkshire. I hadn’t been there since February 2018 so I felt my…

Social Media on phone and tiles

Social Media – I’m out

I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again. Today I walked away from social media. It no longer feels…

Dawn Sky

Morning Birdsong

I was out very early this morning, before sunrise. It was unusually warm for the time of year and I…

If you want something doing

If you want something doing

If you want something doing, do it yourself. That’s how the old phrase goes and it seems to be the…

Books and Lamp on table

A writer’s struggle

Today has been a struggle. I tried to sit down to continue writing my second novel and got absolutely nowhere….

Tornado - Twisters and Clouds over water

The storm is coming – tornado, twister and rain

This weekend we’re expecting to be hit by Storm Freya in the United Kingdom. The Met Office (UK weather service)…

Lunar Moon behind tree branch

Lunar Pictures

There are many speculative lunar theories. Did mankind really land there in the late 1960s? Are there aliens on the…