The Gateshead Ripper?

Most people will have heard of “Jack the Ripper“, the person responsible for the gruesome murders in Whitechapel, London, during the autumn of 1888. But did you know that for a short period of time, a man from County Durham was suspected by the Police of being the Ripper? Looking back at newspapers of the […]

The Whitechapel Murders of 1888

The Whitechapel murders of 1888 sent a shiver down the spine of late Victorian England. What would become a series of murders, never to be solved despite one of the biggest investigations in history, still generates arguments and theories 131 years later. Victorian Whitechapel was a district of extreme poverty in the capital city of […]

What are you preparing for?

Your environment What do you know about the space around you? It seems like a fairly obvious question to ask doesn’t it? Do you have factories near to where you live? What type of home do you have? Are you in a high-rise building or do you live in an isolated cottage. Where you live, […]

Food – spreading the risk

The Nation’s Food Supply Food. It is something we deal with every day of our lives, but many of us give little thought to the supply chain that keeps our supermarket shelves stocked. The UK’s supermarkets tend, like many other businesses these days, to operate on a ‘just-in-time’ delivery system. Some people have speculated that […]

Preparedness – An introduction

The Stereotypes Whenever you start talking about preparedness or self-reliance, it’s not long before someone uses the word ‘prepper’ and with it, come the stereotypes. You the one I mean. The wild-eyed loner who is running for the hills, or the guy who has a huge cache of firearms ready to take on the ‘Feds’ […]

Bigfoot – real or fake?

In this modern digital world, photographs and videos are very cheap to make compared with years ago. Whilst this opens up film-making to the many, it also means that faking pictures and films is now easier than ever before. So when it comes to subjects like Bigfoot, we have to view everything we see online […]

Night drive in the forest

I get an overwhelming sense of well-being whenever I spend time in the forest. I’m not sure if it is the aroma of the trees, the peace and quiet, or the trickling of the streams that run through it. Plus there’s always a chance if you stay still for long enough near a trail, you […]

The Gatwick drone

Whatever happened to the Gatwick drone? Remember shortly before Christmas the holiday plans of tens of thousands of people were disrupted by an alleged drone sighting at the airport. I had largely forgotten about the story. Let’s face it, Christmas seems such a long time ago now doesn’t it, but it held the headlines for […]

Tales from the Trail Cam

Trail cameras are handy devices for monitoring an area. Often left in place for weeks at a time, they can be set to take video or still photographs. Every so often you can catch something completely unexpected in this case, it’s allegedly the face of a Bigfoot. The eye-shine in the background does seem particularly […]

Deep in the archive

Today I spent most of the morning with my head in the British Newspaper Archvie . It is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the history of the United Kingdom. The reason why I say that is we are used to hearing all about the history of large cities such as London on the […]